InsightART offers superior-quality spectral x-ray imaging systems for art inspection. Our 2D and 3D RToo x-ray scanners are equipped with single-photon processing WidePIX detectors that measure the wavelengths of individual photons. Unlike standard x-ray imaging devices, our next-generation scanners produce fully digital, high-resolution colourised (i.e., spectral) x-ray images that allow for the differentiation of materials (pigments) in paintings and other fine art objects. InsightART is the only company on the international art authentication market today using scanners with single-photon processing detectors. No competitor can match the level of quality and information that we provide.

Our Services


Full-service solution to analyse your art using RToo hardware and our team of professionals.


RToo – modular robotic X-ray imaging system with broad expandability and licensed software.

1. Scan + report

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Our team of professionals is ready to provide all-inclusive analysis of your art piece.

We take care of transfer, professional handling by certified restorer, insurance, scan using our unique hardware solution and full report that includes following deliverables:

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2. RToo Hardware & Software

Ideal solution for art galleries, labs, auction houses. Anybody who wants to analyse art in unprecedented detail.



6 months

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