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RToo has scanned a marionette attributed to Edgar Degas

InsightART has had the pleasure to scan its first marionette. It was not just any marionette, but one that is attributed to the legendary Edgar Degas.

The puppet, familiarly called “Degaska” and also known as “Dancer”, belongs to the collection of puppets of Chrudim Puppetry Museum (Muzeum loutkářských kultur v Chrudimi) and is among the most precious exhibits currently displayed at the Museum. This puppet, as well as several others from the Nabots Theatre in Paris, were bought by the Museum at an auction in 2014. Unfortunately, despite its historical value, this collection was in a very poor condition and the return of rare puppets to life required nearly two years of demanding work by Museum restorers. The uneasy restoration process is documented in an exhibition The Fuss About a Ballet Dancer | What’s Happening In the Restoration Workshop?  which is currently on in the Museum.


Scans of the head from different angles


Short video of individual scans of a head of a puppet


Scans of the upper body


Our colleague Jana helping the puppet to “pose” for the photographer


Scans of the body

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