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National Gallery in Prague – Restoration Department scanned with InsightART

We are very proud that we have had the pleasure of cooperating with the Restoration Department of the National Gallery in Prague . For almost two months, InsightART’s robotic scanner RToo was stationed in the Restoration Department of the National Gallery in Prague. Together with the crew of our sister company Radalytica , our scanner RToo moved out of our premises to the welcoming offices and laboratories of the Gallery. This Department is conveniently located in the Old Town just off the Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia where the Gallery keeps a permanent exhibition of medieval art. It was not, however, just medieval art that we scanned there. Mostly we worked on paintings from the 18th and the 19th centuries, some of them very famous, the kind of artworks that can be found in most textbooks on art history. The most interesting aspect of the work though was definitely wooden statues from the Gallery’s Asian collection. With RToo having robotic arms and being rather flexible, we got some really nice results. We also applied CT on the statues and created very interesting images and videos.

Unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons, we are unable to show the pictures from the scanning here. Nonetheless this was a great experience for RToo and for our teams, we learnt a lot and created some great images of the artworks we x-rayed. We also hope the results we provided to the Restoration Department with will be helpful for them. We hope that our cooperation with this great institution will continue in the future.

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